Makerere University Implements Strict Guidelines for Guild Campaigns

makerere universitys ivory tower set to reopen in july
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Makerere University has introduced stringent regulations to ensure a fair and peaceful electoral process in preparation for the upcoming Guild Presidential elections.

Outlined in a letter dated February 5, 2024, Mr. Ramadhan Kirunda, the guild electoral chairperson, emphasized the importance of maintaining order during the campaign period.

To promote a peaceful atmosphere, several activities such as hall discussions (Bimeza), rallies, and physical campaigns have been prohibited.

Each guild presidential aspirant is limited to a maximum of 15 accompanying individuals while moving between different locations on campus.

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Rallies both inside and outside the campus premises are strictly forbidden, with campaigning hours restricted from 7 am to 9 pm to ensure uniformity among candidates.

Furthermore, aspirants are prohibited from affiliating with any political party as per the Makerere University Students’ Guild Statute.

Any form of violence incitement, defacing university property, or littering with campaign materials is strictly prohibited, aligning with the regulations outlined in the Guild Constitution.

Campaigning outside the designated time frame and making excessive noise are also forbidden to maintain a conducive academic environment.

Candidates are reminded to adhere strictly to these guidelines to foster a positive and respectful campaigning atmosphere.

Makerere University previously suspended physical guild elections in July 2022 following an unfortunate incident resulting in the death of a student during campaign activities.

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