Prayers Alone Won’t Guarantee Exam Success, Warns Luweero Cleric

Diverse Enrollment UNEB to Host 1.2 Million Candidates for Upcoming Exams - Prayers Alone Won't Guarantee Exam Success, Warns Luweero Cleric
Prayers Alone Won't Guarantee Exam Success, Warns Luweero Cleric
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In Luwero, Uganda, the Vicar General of Kasana Luwero Diocese, Monsignor Francis Xavier Mpanga, has provided guidance to candidates participating in the upcoming Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) exams. He emphasized the importance of not solely relying on prayers as a guaranteed path to success in their exams.

The scheduled examination dates are as follows:

  • Uganda Certificate of Examination (UCE): October 16th
  • Official briefing for UCE: October 13th
  • Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE): November 8th to 9th, 2023
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examinations (UACE): November 10th to December 1st, 2023

As the examination dates draw near, schools across the country have been organizing prayer sessions to invoke blessings for their candidates and dedicate them to God. However, Monsignor Francis Xavier Mpanga, while blessing candidates at Kakoola High School in Luwero district, stressed that prayers alone are not a magical solution for achieving good performance in exams. He emphasized that students should recognize that meaningful success comes when combined with diligent study and preparation.

Mike Wagaba, the Headteacher of Kakoola High School, welcomed Mpanga’s advice and reiterated the school’s commitment to effectively preparing students for the exams.

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One of the S.4 candidates, Valentine Michael Ganza, expressed confidence in their exam preparation despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19. He acknowledged that, along with seeking divine blessings, they are grateful for the opportunity to complete their ordinary-level education, understanding the challenges that led many of their peers to drop out of school.

According to the Uganda National Examinations Board, a total of 1,224,371 candidates have registered to take exams at 20,921 centers. This includes 749,371 candidates for PLE, 364,421 candidates for UCE, and 110,579 candidates registered for UACE.

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