RDC Oyam Issues Warning to Parents: Send Your Children to School or Face Arrest

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PHOTO: Komakech William RDC Oyam District
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Oyam Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Komakech William, has issued a stern warning to local leaders and parents in Oyam district, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that all school-age children attend school as Term Three commenced this week.

RDC Komakech mentioned that the poor performance of learners in Oyam district is largely attributed to parents’ mentality, as they often keep their children working in the fields, neglecting their educational needs.

He has instructed local leaders to implement penalties and even arrest parents who continue to engage their children in agricultural activities during the school period.

Many schools in Oyam district opened for the third term yesterday and today, with only a few learners returning, which has raised concerns among local leaders.

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