Shortage of Invigilators for UCE Exams in Mukono

Mukono District Worried About Lack of Invigilators for UCE Exams
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The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) supervisor for Mukono District has expressed concern about a shortage of invigilators during the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams that began on Monday, October 16.

Constantine Mpuuga Sajjabbi reported that some invigilators failed to show up for their duties on the designated day, and others were reassigned as exam scouts at the last minute. This issue has raised concerns, particularly for geographically isolated schools in the district.

Sajjabbi noted that some invigilators faced personal challenges, such as family members falling ill, coinciding with the start of the exams, resulting in their unavailability for invigilation. Additionally, there have been coordination issues among the involved agencies, with many invigilators being assigned as scouts rather than to their intended invigilation roles. As a result, there is a shortage of invigilators, but substitutes are being sought to address the situation.

Sajjabbi also cautioned invigilators to remain vigilant against exam malpractice techniques and technologies. He emphasized the need for students to use ordinary pencils only and imposed conditions prohibiting the use of smartwatches during the exams.

On a positive note, teachers, led by Teddy Gloria Nandiwala from Mukono Kings High School Kauga, commended UNEB for their punctuality, ensuring that all students in Mukono schools could begin their exams on time without any disruptions.

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Robert Kyakulaga, the headteacher of Bishop’s SS Mukono, called on schools not to prevent students from taking their exams due to outstanding fee payments. He urged education authorities to investigate the situation in Mukono to prevent students from facing unnecessary disruptions, emphasizing the importance of this academic year for those following the old curriculum.

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