Uganda-South Sudan Border Jolted by 4.9-Magnitude Quake: Minimal Damage Reported

lamwo official urges government to open border with south sudan amid land dispute
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On Monday evening, a 4.9-magnitude earthquake struck the border areas of South Sudan and Uganda, as reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The seismic event occurred at 9:54 pm near Yei in Central Equatoria state, approximately 36 km north of Yumbe district in Northern Uganda.

The earthquake had a shallow depth of 8.4 km and, fortunately, did not result in significant damage. According to the USGS, the tremors were felt in various districts around the epicenter, with weaker shakings reported in Yumbe (52 km away), Moyo (63 km away), Adjumani (87 km away), Arua (107 km away), and Juba City (110 km away).

Residents in the affected areas experienced moments of panic and confusion. Olivia Milanzi, a resident of Arua Central Division in Arua City, described feeling a strong vibration that shook her room. This was her first encounter with such a powerful earthquake, prompting her to evacuate her house, fearing it might collapse.

In Gulu City, hundreds of miles from the epicenter, Emma Ajok of Pece-Laroo Division, along with her son Josh, felt the tremor while sitting in their living room. The unusual movement prompted concern, with Josh even expressing worry about the stability of their home.

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