Rainstorm Ravages Adjumani: Refugees Left Desperate, Families Count Losses

Flooding Wreaks Havoc on Obongi Sinyanya Adjumani Road
PHOTO - Okidi Patrick
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A devastating rainstorm has struck Oliji Refugee settlement in Adjumani district, Northern Uganda, leaving a trail of injuries, displaced families, and an urgent call for relief support. One individual is currently recovering from a broken leg, another has sustained severe chest injuries, and numerous others find themselves homeless in the storm’s aftermath.

The downpour, which occurred on Wednesday, has also exacerbated the desperate need for relief support among the refugee community in the region. These vulnerable populations are now facing increased challenges due to the destruction wrought by the rainstorm.

Vicky Akeki, a concerned mother, shared the harrowing experience of her son, who suffered chest injuries when the house he sought refuge in during the rainstorm collapsed. In her own words, “We are helpless. My son is in severe pain and requires specialized medical attention, but I lack the necessary funds. Additionally, all of our belongings were damaged.”

A neighboring household experienced a different kind of peril as a large tree snapped and crashed into their home, trapping a young girl beneath the debris. Rescuers bravely confronted the storm’s fury and managed to extract the child from the wreckage. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that she had sustained a broken leg. The injured girl was promptly transported to Adjumani General Hospital for proper medical care.

Among those affected by the disaster is James Tombe, a child protection officer residing in Block ‘A’ of Oliji settlement. He suffered the loss of his grinding mill when a tree, under which it was installed, toppled onto the machine, breaking its engine block. In the wake of this catastrophe, Tombe and others conducted a swift evaluation of the homes severely impacted by the storm, revealing that 30 children are among the affected individuals.

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Tragically, the plight of the residents worsened when heavy rains continued to inundate the area until Thursday afternoon. This resulted in flooding that submerged Oliji Bridge, effectively cutting off the already inundated settlement from the rest of Adjumani district. The dire situation demands immediate attention, relief, and assistance for those affected by this devastating rainstorm.

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