Wetter Conditions: UNMA Issues Rainfall Forecast for November

Rwanda Faces Tragic Rain-Triggered Disasters: 20 Lives Lost, 58 Injured
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As the culmination of the year’s rainy season approaches, the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) anticipates intensified rainfall across the nation. According to the 10-day forecast released on Monday, November 13, the period from November 11 to 20, 2023, is expected to bring persistent wet conditions, particularly in key regions.

The forecast specifies heightened wetness around the Lake Victoria basin, southwestern and western parts of the West Nile, and Mt Elgon. Conversely, the northeastern part of the country is likely to experience moderate rainfall during this period. This aligns with UNMA’s earlier prediction at the beginning of November, indicating above-average rainfall conditions for the entire country, excluding Karamoja.

Emphasizing the November peak of the rainy season (spanning September to December), the forecast underscores that most parts of Uganda will witness enhanced (above average) rainfall. Areas around Lake Victoria, Central, South Western, Mt Elgon, and the Kyoga basin extending to the West Nile are expected to have increased possibilities of heavy rainfall. However, Karamoja is slated for moderate rainfall, as outlined in the monthly forecast for November 2023.


  • Pasture and Fodder Growth: UNMA recommends communities take advantage of the anticipated rains to foster pasture and fodder growth, ensuring sufficient availability for livestock.
    Action Item Recommendation
    Water Storage Facilities Construct water storage facilities to harvest rainwater for usage during periods of reduced rainfall.
    Pruning and Drainage Channels Undertake pruning of tree crops and construction of drainage channels to minimize water stagnation in low-lying areas, especially in the northern, central, and eastern regions.
    Monitoring and Reporting Farmers should monitor and report crop pests, animal parasites, and plant diseases to sub-counties and districts.
    Tree Planting Communities are encouraged to engage in tree planting to reduce hailstorm damage and as an income-generating project.
    Safe Water Consumption Residents, especially in rural areas, are advised to consume safe water, considering contamination during rainy seasons.
    Urban Drainage Maintenance Urban authorities should clear clogged water pathways and open drainage channels to prevent road truncation due to turbulent water overflows.

These advisories aim to equip communities with proactive measures, ensuring they capitalize on the benefits of the anticipated rains while mitigating potential challenges.

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