Karamoja Voters Turn to Former Elected Leaders for Help as Current Ones Disappear from Counties

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Photo of the Electoral Commission carrying out civil voter education before the 2021 elections in Moroto. (Photo by Steven Ariong)
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Current members of parliament in the Karamoja region will have to prove their strength beyond in order to retain their parliamentary seats come the 2026 general elections. This follows the surfacing of former members of parliament who lost the elections to them in the previous 2021 elections.

According to a survey by this publication in various constituencies in the region, voters are accusing their current elected parliamentary leaders of shunning the constituencies that have turned out to be poor performing.

This publication noted that, as a result of difficulties in accessing the services of the current MPs, voters now turn to their previous leaders who lost their seats to the current leaders for help.

Gabriel Konyen from Napak district said they have failed to understand why their leaders, especially MPs, have shunned their constituencies.

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“In fact, we don’t know, maybe our MPs have run broke, making them shun the constituencies,” he said.

Longok Athio, another voter, urged the current leaders to be in touch with them even though they don’t have money.

“The worst part of it is that some of our leaders have changed their telephone contacts and can only be accessed by their relatives, leaving all the voters yearning to speak to them,” he said.

Joseph Lomongin, another voter, said when the Speaker of Parliament sent the MPs to their constituencies to monitor the progress of government projects, they never stepped into Karamoja.

“We shall meet them come the 2026 general elections. Today, they will fear us, but the situation will force them to come to us, and they will kneel before us,” he said.

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