Lira City RCC Denies Blocking Court Order for Seizure of PAG Churches

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Boney Rwamukaaga
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Lira, Uganda – Boney Rwamukaaga, a court bailiff and the former president of the Uganda Court Bailiff Association, has accused Mr. Egole Lawrence, the Lira Resident City Commissioner (RCC), of delaying and confusing the execution of a court order for the seizure of PAG Uganda churches in Lira. He also alleged outright corruption in Lira City, with Egole Lawrence demanding a significant amount of money for the execution process. Rwamukaaga called upon the State House to take a keen interest in the management of Lira City’s security.

Rwamukaaga addressed the media on Monday morning to highlight the challenges delaying the execution of the court order in Lira City. He mentioned that he arrived in Lira on April 4, 2023, but to date, the order of seizure by PAG Uganda, as directed by the court, has not been executed.

He accused some officials of receiving instructions from certain individuals, leading to delays and corruption in Lira City. He called on the national security team to closely monitor the administration of Lira City, which he felt was operating outside the norms of Uganda.

“Can you imagine that the RCC of Lira has scheduled a security meeting sponsored by an entity? Security meetings should be conducted in government offices,” Rwamukaaga stated.

He noted that, despite the court order, only nine churches have been seized in Lira District, while he commended the RDCs of Otuke Akullu Jillian and Alebtong for their adherence to the law and execution of a larger number of churches.

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Rwamukaaga accused the RDC of Dokolo, Babra Akech, of being indecisive and possibly influenced by others. He revealed that they were often given instructions on the amount of money to pay before executing their work.

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Mr. Egole Lawrence, the Lira Resident City Commissioner (RCC)

In a separate interview with Marthin Ongune, the Pentecostal Assembly of God Pastorate Administrator overseeing five districts in the Lango sub-region, he accused the Resident City Commissioner of Lira City and some RDCs of sharing information with Lawrence Emmy Egole. Ongune alleged that forged documents had been presented to the Office of the President, misleading them about the case.

Ongune claimed that 42 individuals had been hired to attack and threaten PAG Uganda administrators, with RCC Emmy Egole allegedly involved. He noted that some churches had placed pangas in their premises.

Addressing RCC Egole Lawrence, Ongune pleaded for a change in behavior, expressing a desire for peaceful resolution rather than mobilizing their Christian followers for conflict in Lira City.

In response to the allegations, Lira Resident City Commissioner Mr. Egole Lawrence stated that the seizure of PAG churches was not limited to Lira City but was occurring in other districts within the Lango sub-region. He emphasized the need for reconciliation and peace in the face of court orders affecting over 600 churches.

“I don’t have the capacity to block any court order or to question its legality. I urge my brother Byamukaaga to understand how security works,” said Egole Lawrence.

Egole Lawrence mentioned that a scheduled meeting on October 3, 2023, would include senior citizens, religious leaders, stakeholders, opinion leaders, other religious leaders, city security leaders, elders, and leaders of both warring factions. This meeting aimed to guide the situation carefully, considering the risks associated with abrupt executions and protests.

He highlighted the importance of round-table talks, reconciliation, and engagement with church leaders. He emphasized that court orders should be executed responsibly to safeguard lives and property.

“Accusing the RCC might not be productive in this situation,” he concluded.

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Og Le
Og Le
2 months ago

Court order is final and only president may influence ,that is money issue disturbing him but will cost him his job

2 months ago

To me court order is above Rcc no one is above law