Lira Gears Up for 7th Edition of Miss Lira Beauty Pageant

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Ms. Alele Gloria, positioned 4th from the left, addressed the media on Friday at Lira Hotel in Lira City during the launch of the 7th edition of the Miss Lira competition.
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All is now set for the Miss Lira Beauty Pageant contest, organized and sponsored by various partners. Starting next year in January (2024), Lira Hotel will host the unique 7th edition of crowning Miss Lira Beauty Pageant.

Ms. Gloria Alele, the CEO of Miss Lira, addressed the media on Friday from St. Lira Hotel in the evening. She stated that their primary goal is to support the girl child in Lira City. The winner of Miss Lira will become a brand ambassador advocating for girl child issues, particularly focusing on key messages related to their well-being.

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, several girls in Lira City, Northern Uganda, faced a high level of teenage pregnancy. Gloria expressed her gratitude that the event will attract revelers and supporters of Miss Lango contest from both within and outside the city of Lira. Teenage pregnancy is a significant issue in Northern Uganda, and addressing these challenges faced by teenage girls will be a central theme.

Gloria emphasized that the Miss Lira Beauty Contest is more than just a competition; it’s an event designed to address girl child issues within Lira and beyond. The grand finale is scheduled to take place at Lira Hotel on January 6, 2024.

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“We have seven (7) girls contesting for Miss Lira who have been sorted and audited for the grand finale,” noted Alele.

Alele mentioned that one of the contestants is a lady with a disability. “We started with about ten girls, and through our auditing process, we narrowed it down to seven potential contestants for the race.”

Gloria Alele, crowned Miss Lira Queen in 2017-2018 with several awards, encouraged parents not to view beauty pageants negatively. She addressed misconceptions, emphasizing that challenges they face are false, and contestants do not walk naked on the stage.

Gloria also revealed the event’s partners, including Pepsi as the biggest sponsor, Fedula Investment, Voice of Lango FM, among others.

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