Lira Leaders Receive Training on Preventing Violence Against Children and Women

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Hon. Sarah Awor Angweri, Workers' Representative, Holding a Poster Indicating a Message About a Violence-Free Society for Children. (Photo by Okidi Patrick)
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Raising Voices, in conjunction with FIRD, has organized a one-day training workshop at Lira City East Division on issues concerning children and women. The training took place in the Lira City East Division Council Hall on Tuesday and was attended by over thirty (30) participants. The theme of the training focused on violence against women and children.

Hon. Sarah Awor Angweri, who serves as the workers’ representative in the Lira City Council, questioned the organizers on whether they could identify challenges faced by children, including those at Sunday School, so that there is a pronounced and addressed space for handling children’s problems or challenges.

“Angweri added that we are only giving spaces to adults, leaving out the children. As a council, we are trying hard to address the root cause because of the pull and push factors to handle Ghetto kids in Lira City. She tabled the issue in the City council of Lira, although there are some challenges due to financial shortfalls. She wants the budget allocation to be increased for the Community Based Services department because, in reality, it is underfunded.

“We, as leaders of City East and City West, want to work on an ordinance whereby we can recruit community vigilantes by selecting them from within the community. The change starts with us; we don’t want the street to own the kids who are born to some of our young girls,” added Awor.

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The issues of separation, DNA, divorce, among others, are making the youth blame us, the parents and guardians of the children growing in a free-range system.

Rev. Tonny, who spoke as a representative of the religious leaders, said the children’s church is a good move because children’s problems can be detected and addressed by church leaders in their gatherings. Awor praised Raising Voices and FIRD organization for promptly bringing up the issues concerning children and women.

Lillian Ocare, working with Lira City Council, noted that even in our families when we make decisions, we don’t ask our children about their likes and dislikes, hence excluding them from the chain of decision-making.

Patrick Abec, CDO Lira City West, narrated that we are not addressing the root causes of the problems. He added that last week, one of the clan leaders in Oyam got into a problem when the law bounced back to the clan head. He said there is a disconnection between interventions.

Denis Omunyokol, a staff of the Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD), asked participants to “walk the talk,” which will make sense when they go back to their families.

Mirembe Angel, Programs Officer at Raising Voices, said violence has reduced in schools but is still high at home where the children come from. Therefore, they have engaged with community members to keep them aware of the violence prevention initiative. She mentioned that they are working in the central western Eastern region and in Lango sub-region, among other areas.

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