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Maj. Gen. Innocent Oula to Take Legal Action Against Defamation Over Lira Land Dispute

Friday, January 5, 2024

In an interview with our reporter on Friday, January 5, 2024, in the afternoon, Maj. Gen. Innocent Oula distanced himself from what he termed as “wild allegations” made against him by the spokesperson of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Lango District. The spokesperson accused him of bribing the zonal land office with 15 million shillings to obtain a new land title.

Maj. Gen. Oula dismissed the allegations as baseless and stated over the phone that he would take legal action against the person making such statements. He plans to involve a team of his lawyers to pursue the case to its conclusion.

Oula accused the authorities at Lira City Council of putting tarmac on his land. The spokesperson of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Asuman Oula Washeme, accused Maj. Gen. Oula Innocent of encroaching onto Muslim land and vowed to reclaim it.

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Washeme, who also serves as a member of the General Assembly, disclosed that out of the 26 hectares of land given to them by the late President Idi Amin Dada in Lira City, only nine hectares are now remaining. He expressed dissatisfaction with Maj. Gen. Oula acquiring a land title from the Zonal Land Office and blamed those in Lira City Council for this development.

In a press briefing held at the main Mosque opposite Lira Main Market, Washeme accused several individuals of taking away their land and named them one by one to the media. He called for the intervention of the President, as high-profile individuals in the city were allegedly grabbing disputed land.

Washeme questioned the placement of St. Mary’s Road on Muslim land instead of a road named Mohamed Road, describing it as an abuse of the highest order. He urged Muslims to gather on Friday, January 5, 2024, to discuss the way forward.

In response to the allegations regarding obtaining a land title from the Zonal office, Maj. Gen. Oula stated that he does not need a new land title. He claimed to have a single land title acquired in the year 2001.

“I don’t need any new land title, but I blame Lira City Council for having an unqualified engineer who opened the boundary of the tarmac road on my land,” echoed Maj. Gen. Innocent. “I would like to take the spokesperson of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Lango District to court through a team of my lawyers for defaming me,” added Maj. Oula.

Julius Peter Okai, an official in the Land Zonal Office in Lira, stated that he was waiting to receive a petition or complaint from the team of the Muslim Supreme Council Lango District. However, as of 2:30 PM, no team of Muslim demonstrators had visited his office. He reserved his comments to the media, indicating that he wanted to hear from the concerned Lango Muslim community before making any public statements on the matter.”

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