Mbarara City Woman MP Hon Rita Atukwasa Embarks on Women’s Groups Empowerment

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Following the Women’s Day celebration held in Mbarara City, organized by Mbarara City Woman MP Hon. Rita Atukwasa, a lot of questions have always been raised about what the money raised during the celebration has accomplished.

In a surprising response, Hon. Rita Atukwasa has provided financial support to all women’s groups in the city to enhance their group savings and improve their household income as a strategy to combat poverty in Mbarara City.

While interacting with our sources, women have appreciated the Honorable Member of Parliament, noting that many men in the city have abandoned their roles, leading mothers to take charge of school fees and day-to-day family expenses. They explained how women’s groups provide them with soft loans to run small businesses that generate daily income, enabling more of them to participate in the money economy that President Museveni often emphasizes.

They praised Hon. Rita for increasing their household income through savings and emphasized that she is fully implementing the message of President Museveni, who chairs the NRM.

However, our sources noted that some political actors in Mbarara City wanted to use the money collected on Women’s Day to spread hate against the woman Member of Parliament, while pursuing their selfish interests. Some believed that the Honorable Member would distribute the money among themselves and use it for personal gain.

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Hon. Atukwasa has demonstrated her competency by withstanding all external pressures and remaining committed to empowering women in the city. This has earned her the admiration of the city’s residents, who pledge to support her for another term in office in 2026.

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