Oyam Town Council Seeks Funds to Renovate Abandoned Market Stall

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A multi-million-shilling market stall, constructed in Oyam Town Council’s main market six years ago under the Agricultural Cluster Development Project, has been abandoned by businesspeople since last year.

The market stall was built to accommodate 35 businesspeople, mainly women selling food items. It features benches, good shade, a door that locks items inside at night, a toilet with four stances, and a water tap installed for their use. However, they have all decided to abandon it.

Santa Ayo, the chairperson of Oyam Town Council’s main market businesspeople, says they chose to cease operations at the stall due to the poor structure of the building. When it rains, water flows into every corner of the building, damaging their goods. The benches are too high, causing many to fall off and sustain injuries. Additionally, the location does not attract their customers, and thieves have been looting their goods at night.

However, Stephen Okello, the chairperson of LC3 Oyam Town Council, mentions that the businesspeople have abandoned the stall, claiming that others who operated along the street have better chances to do business. This situation is causing a loss to the town council in terms of local revenue collections.

The major challenge is that the building needs significant renovation. After being abandoned, the doors, benches, and floor are in a sorry state. The town council is currently seeking funds for renovation and encouraging people to resume operations in the market.

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Oyam Town Council’s main market currently has 106 active members.

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