Bobi Wine Attends NUP Canada Chapter Convention

Bobi Wine's Visit to Toronto for NUP Canada Event
Bobi Wine's Visit to Toronto for NUP Canada Event
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Bobi Wine shared that he and his team arrived in Toronto, Canada, to a warm reception from the NUP-Canada chapter. He expressed his gratitude for the support they’ve received and looked forward to the convention scheduled for later that day.

At the convention, Bobi Wine emphasized the significance of the diaspora and its ability to influence international opinions through protests against international support for the Museveni government, which they believe is used to oppress Ugandans.

He thanked the NUP-Canada chapter for their assistance to the numerous Ugandans who have sought refuge in Canada due to the challenging political and economic conditions in Uganda.

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Back in Uganda, Bobi Wine mentioned the ongoing #UgandaTribalismExhibition, urging its continuation until the world recognizes what they perceive as tribalism and nepotism within the Museveni regime. He addressed accusations of tribalism, stating that his claims about the misappropriation of national resources have been misconstrued as tribalism by some. He acknowledged Dr. Kizza Besigye for shedding more light on the issue.

Bobi Wine criticized the regime for allegedly using the tribal card to stifle criticism, asserting that they would persist in exposing what they believe to be manipulations until the truth is clear to everyone.

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