Former MP Aspirant Boosts Renovation Drive for Rubanda Vocational Institute

Rubanda Town
PHOTO - Rubanda Town
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St. Peter’s Kakariisa Vocational Institute, situated in Nyamweru Sub-county of Rubanda District, is grappling with the challenge of securing 25 million Ugandan Shillings for the essential renovation of its deteriorating infrastructure.

The Head Teacher, Mr. Akankwasa, expressed deep concern over the current state of the institute, citing insufficient capital that has not only impacted staff salaries but also hindered the provision of adequate classrooms and desks. This shortage is impeding the institute’s capacity to meet the educational needs of the community.

Mr. Akankwasa is appealing for support from well-wishers to facilitate the expansion of the institution’s services to the community. He emphasized the importance of vocational studies, recognizing the scarcity of white-collar jobs in Uganda today.

Challenges Faced by St. Peter’s Kakariisa Vocational Institute
Insufficient capital affecting staff salaries and infrastructure
Shortage of classrooms and desks impacting educational capacity
Appeal for support from well-wishers to expand community services


During a recent fundraising event at the institution, Jacqueline Katabazi, former Rubanda District Woman Member of Parliament Aspirant, demonstrated her support by donating two computers and one million Ugandan Shillings. She encouraged students to focus on their studies for a brighter future, highlighting the crucial role academic credentials play in accessing opportunities in today’s Ugandan job market. Katabazi also urged parents to collaborate with teachers in instilling good morals in children, preparing them for a better future.

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Support from Jacqueline Katabazi
Donation of two computers
Contribution of one million Ugx


The event successfully raised over six million Ugandan Shillings in cash to support the ongoing renovation and improvement efforts of the institute.

Fundraising Outcome
Over six million Ugx raised for renovation
Community support for St. Peter’s Kakariisa VI
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