EACRF on High Alert: Developments Unfold as DRC and M23 Forces Clash

eacrf on high alert developments unfold as drc and m23 forces clash
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The East African Community Regional Forces (EACRF) are currently facing a precarious situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as hostilities between the Congolese forces and M23 rebels have reignited. The escalating conflict has prompted Uganda and Burundi, both contributing troops under the EACRF, to issue warnings of retaliation in response to alleged provocations.

Contributing Countries and Forces

Country Contributing Forces
Uganda Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces
Burundi Burundi Defence Forces


The M23 rebels are reportedly advancing towards Goma City and Sake, a major town, intensifying the struggle in the region. Burundi Defence Forces have accused the M23 rebels of impeding food supplies to their bases, threatening responsive action if such actions persist. The M23 rebels, in turn, allege collaboration between Burundian forces and the Congolese forces against them, a claim refuted by Bujumbura.

Key Developments

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Date Event
November 3 UN peacekeepers announce joint operation with the DRC national army
November 4 SADC members agree to provide strategic guidance for the deployment of SAMIDRC


In a statement, Colonel Floribert Biyereke, the spokesman for Burundi’s army, revealed that complaints had been lodged with the EACRF regarding these allegations, but as of Thursday, no action had been taken.

Recent Incidents

Date Incident
Last week Burundi President sends minister to deliver a message to Rwanda President
Last month Kenyan soldier killed, Ugandan soldiers injured in separate attacks


Colonel Michael Walaka Hyeroba, Commander of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces contingent, emphasized the need for constant alertness and readiness to act, stressing the right to self-defense as per their mandate.

The EACRF is yet to comment on the situation. However, concerns linger as the mandate in the Eastern DRC is set to conclude on December 8, with the Congolese government expressing reluctance to renew it.

In response to the escalating conflict, DRC President Felix Tshisekedi has directed his defense and foreign affairs ministries to facilitate the deployment of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in Eastern DRC.

Presidential Directives

Date Directive
November 13 President Tshisekedi instructs defense and foreign affairs ministries to ensure SADC deployment


According to Tina Salama, the spokesperson for President Tshisekedi, this move aligns with the conclusions of the 43rd Summit of SADC Heads of State, aiming to restore peace and security in the country.

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