Farewell to Uniforms: 93 Officers Say Good Riddance as Army Throws Retirement Bash

Uganda Military Retires 93 Officers
PHOTO - URN - Uganda's Military Retires 93 Officers
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The Ugandan Army has recently concluded the retirement of 93 officers from its ranks. This event took place at the military headquarters in Mbuya on Friday. The officers discharged include 17 Colonels, 13 Lieutenant Colonels, and 63 Majors.

The retirement ceremony was overseen by Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces. In his address, he encouraged the retiring officers to uphold discipline in their interactions with civilians in their daily lives. Lt Gen Elwelu emphasized the significance of maintaining a positive image of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) when faced with challenges. He shared, “Your conduct and image matter greatly, as it sets an example for us who are still serving and will eventually retire.”

Furthermore, Lt Gen Elwelu advised the retirees to consider their families’ well-being and to be prepared for a life beyond active service. He emphasized the importance of providing for their families’ needs, including healthcare.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow retirees, Col Godfrey Okello expressed the unique importance of the day. He regarded it as a celebration not only of their military careers but also of the dedication and commitment that define the Army. Col Okello conveyed gratitude to the leadership of UPDF and the Commander in Chief for entrusting them with the responsibility of serving their nation.

The experiences, challenges, and opportunities throughout their military service were acknowledged by Col Okello as crucial elements that shaped their present selves. He expressed deep appreciation for the consistent support, guidance, and mentorship offered by their superiors and peers during their time in the armed forces.

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Addressing his fellow retiring officers, Col Okello commended their unwavering dedication and sacrifice in pursuing their shared mission. He acknowledged their determination in the face of adversity, which contributed to safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and promoting peace within its borders.

The public was urged to welcome the retired officers into their communities and engage with them socially. The UPDF highlighted that these soldiers had joined the military with the aim of protecting the citizens, and their dedication deserved recognition and gratitude.

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