Uganda’s First Pilot Engineer Killed by Amin: Family Demands Justice, Compensation, and Recognition

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Abim, Uganda – The family members of the first pilot engineer killed by President Idi Amin Dada want him to be recognized and declared a hero by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda, General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta.

Discussing the first pilot engineer in Uganda, who hailed from Agago district in East Acholi, one of the family members had an interactive interview with our reporter on Tuesday in Abim District at Orwamuge Town Council.

Esther Immaculate Ajwang confirmed to our reporter that they went through a lot of pain as orphans who grew up without a father after their father was killed by Amin.

“Myself, Pamela Anying, and Ambrose Ojok are the children of the first pilot engineer, but we were helpless after our father’s death,” narrated Esther Ajwang.

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According to her, Engineer Ambrose Ojok was murdered by the former dictator, Idi Amin Dada, and the whereabouts of his dead body remain unknown to them as family members.

Engineer Ojok, who was one of the first pilot engineers in Uganda, was well known in Karamoja, Greater East Acholi districts, and throughout Uganda. He was an Acholi from Corner Adek in Adilang Town Council, Agago County, Agago district in Northern Uganda. He was the son of Rwot Lamot, a well-known chief among many prominent Acholi chiefs (Rwodi), commonly known to everyone in the present day, including Adilang Town Council, Adilang Sub-County, Lalal, Kulaka, Lacek-Otoo, Abim District, especially Kanu, Awach, Morulem, Kiru Orwamuge, among other areas.

Today, in the greater Agago areas like Agago North and Agago County, Rwot Lamot’s legacy still extends to popular areas stretching from Kalongo, Paimol, Parabongo, Wol Lapono, among others. Rwot Lamot was also well known in the areas of Greater Lira Palwo, Lukole, Pader, Kitgum, Greater Gulu, and in all the 54 cultural chiefdoms set up in the “Ker kwaro Acholi” chiefdom.

He was an aircraft engineer killed by the late President Idi Amin Dada in 1977, according to one of his daughters, Esther Ajwang Immaculate. His body has never been found, and the family members are requesting President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta’s assistance in locating his remains for a proper burial (RIP Engineer Ambrose Ojok).

He left behind a widow named Akot Mary Grace, the first policewoman in Karamoja sub-region. He also left three children, two girls, and a boy who are now adults.

The relatives are, therefore, appealing to the government of Uganda to investigate the matter so that the late Engineer Ambrose Ojok can be declared a hero. They are also requesting compensation from the government since he was killed by a former president. The poor widow is requesting to see President Museveni on camera for possible assistance.

The three children of the late pilot are Esther Immaculate Ajwang, Pamela Anying, and Ambrose Ojok. They are now saying that, with the possible intervention of His Excellency General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta, they can find security and compensation like others.

For more information on this story, you can contact Ajwang Immaculate Esther at her known telephone number: 0772690553 or email her at

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