A Celebration of Unity and Support for Masaaba Culture

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The Umkiii of Inzuyamasaba, His Royal Highness Jude Mike Mudoma, extends heartfelt recognition, gratitude, and appreciation to all Bamasaaba in Masaabaland and beyond for their unwavering support during the recently concluded inauguration ceremony.

The ceremony, held on October 14, 2023, marked a significant cultural event, attended by the Vice President on behalf of the President. His Royal Highness expressed his appreciation for the contributions from various individuals, organizations, and institutions that played a pivotal role in the success of the inauguration.

Contributions were received from various entities, including:

  • State House: Shs100m
  • NRM Secretariat: 10m
  • Ministry of Karamoja Affairs: 10m
  • Industrial City Division: 500,000

Members of Parliament also generously contributed:

  • Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon Tayebwa: 5,000,000
  • Hon Matia Kasaijja, Minister for Finance: 500,000
  • Hon Musamali: 2m
  • Hon Wandwasi: 500k
  • Hon Wanda: 2m
  • Hon Kitutu Gorret: 2m
  • Hon Modoi Isaac: 1m
  • Hon Nambozo Mayoka: 1m
  • Hon Magolo: 2m
  • Hon Mudimi: 2m
  • Hon Katenya Isaac: 500,000
  • Hon Musila: 1m

Contributions from hospitals and schools included:

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  • Nkonkojeru Primary: 200,000
  • Dr. Rubanza of General Clinic: 100,000
  • Dr. Boaz of People’s Clinic: 50,000

Commissioners and permanent secretaries also contributed:

  • Dr. John Woniaye: 500,000
  • Commissioner Natif: 500,000
  • Justice Gadenya: 500,000
  • Dorcus Okalanya: 1m
  • Justice Mutonyi: 300,000
  • Justice Gididu: 300,000
  • Engineer Paul M: 500,000
  • Commissioner Natif: 1,000,000

The Mbale business community showed remarkable support:

  • Beka of Nest Coffee: 200,000
  • Madaya of Abra Shopping Centre: 3,000,000
  • Bam Shopping Centre: 500,000
  • Mr. James Netalisire: 500,000
  • Viola Hotel: 300,000
  • Mr. Andrew Masaba: 1m
  • Mr. Clet Masiga: 1m
  • Connie Masaba Magomu: 520,000
  • Mbale City Property Owners Association: 850,000
  • Nile Breweries: 16m
  • Mr. Wadada of Generous Trading Stores: 1m

Media support was crucial:

  • UBC Radio provided free airtime.
  • The Ankole Times, an online platform, offered coverage at zero cost.
  • Daily Express, an online platform, offered coverage at zero cost.
  • The Red Pepper, both online and offline, was supportive.
  • Salt TV allowed daily updates.
  • UBC TV and Baba TV played significant roles in coverage.

Acknowledgment extends to Makerere University Mbale Branch for non-financial support, NSWC Mbale Head Office for a cash contribution of 200,000 and free water installation, UNRA for sealing and labeling the site, Mt Elgon Water Factory for providing water estimated at about 5,000,000m, and Sino Uganda for 20,000,000m for the detailed renovation of the cultural office.

Special mention goes to Inzuyamasaba officials involved in preparations, including Madam Priscilla Mungoma, PM Charles Walimbwa, spokesperson, culture committee headed by Kutoi, works by Khalid Mansa, welfare headed by Mr. Mulekwa, and office of protocol Mr. Mubuya, among others. Dr. Wambaka played a significant role in mobilization, along with Mr. Watila and Ritah Namuwenge.

The Inzuyamasaba leadership expresses deep gratitude to everyone whose contributions exceeded expectations, and special medals will be awarded in an upcoming ceremony to recognize these true friends of Masaaba culture.

In a special way, the Inzuyamasaba leadership acknowledges the presence of cultural brothers from Tieng Adhola, Papa Sande, the Minister of Culture for Buganda, and delegations from Bugwere and Butaleja, as well as LCV chairmen and brothers from Kenya.

Inzuyamasaba Motto: Lwe Budwela Ni Indoazoana (For Unity and Development)

The writer is the spokesperson of Inzuyamasaba, Tel: 0706655811

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