Adjumani-Obongi Road Impassable, Causing Panic and Disruptions

IMG 20231130 WA0003
Impassable road linking Adjumani-sinyanya-Obongi district. (Photo Okidi Patrick )
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  • Vehicles Get Stuck Multiple Times on Sliding, Muddy Terrain
  • Road Users Forced to Turn Back or Take Longer Route
  • RDC Urges UNRA to Intervene Promptly; Business Activities Stalled
  • Travelers Face 7-9 Hour Journey from Adjumani to Sinyanya
  • Anonymous Shopkeeper Expresses Frustration: Road Conditions Hinder Business

The Adjumani-Sinyanya-Obongi road has become impassable, with vehicles getting stuck multiple times on the sliding and muddy terrain. The route from Adjumani to Sinyanya, connecting to the Obongi ferry, is causing inconvenience for passengers and motorists who find themselves stuck.

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Road users are now either turning back and abandoning the route or diverting to the Adjumani-Laropi road, which is over 50 km long. Unfortunately, the Laropi to Obongi road is also in poor condition.

Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, the RDC (Resident District Commissioner) of Obongi, has urged the UNRA (Uganda National Roads Authority) station manager, based in Moyo, to intervene promptly and rectify the situation. Business activities have nearly come to a standstill since the road became impassable by Tuesday evening.

Hashaka lamented that people now spend seven to nine hours traveling from Adjumani to Sinyanya to access the town of Obongi. This prolonged travel time is causing significant disruptions in both official work and normal business flow within the district of Obongi.

An anonymous 65-year-old shopkeeper from Obongi town council expressed the local suffering caused by the bad road. He mentioned that he is unable to timely access or supervise one of his restaurants in Adjumani town due to the road conditions.

The UNRA manager at the Moto substation could not independently provide his side of the story to our reporter, as his known phone number was unavailable at press time.

Yesterday, several vehicles, including both private and official government vehicles, encountered difficulties on the road leading to Obongi from Adjumani district.

Below are Photos of Adjumani-Sinyanya-Obongi road

IMG 20231130 WA0002 IMG 20231130 WA0004 IMG 20231130 WA0001

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