Criminal Gang Targeting Bank Customers Sparks Kenyan Police Crackdown

criminal gang targeting bank customers sparks kenyan police crackdown
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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is actively seeking a four-member criminal gang that specializes in robbing bank customers. According to a recent statement from the DCI, this gang typically operates within bank premises, with a modus operandi that involves one of their members posing as a customer to identify potential targets, particularly those withdrawing substantial amounts of cash.

Once a target is identified, this gang member discreetly signals their accomplices who are stationed in the bank’s parking area. The statement from the DCI explains, “A member of the ring, who also poses as a customer, monitors and identifies targets, usually those withdrawing cash in bulk, before signaling his accomplices who keep stealing glances from the parking area.”

The gang employs a hired vehicle with fake registration numbers to trail their targets. They carefully monitor their targets’ movements and strike when the opportunity arises, stealing money in various ways. Unfortunately, in some cases, victims of these thefts have suffered severe harm.

The DCI provided an example of an incident reported on October 7, where suspects were captured on CCTV targeting a bank customer in Parklands. In this case, the victim had Ksh 1.5 million in his Mazda CX5 vehicle, which he had parked near the bank. He briefly left to pick up an item from a nearby shop, only to return and find that the gang had broken into his car and fled with the cash. They had been using a Nissan Note with fake registration numbers.

The victim promptly reported the incident to the DCI’s Parklands office, and an investigation is currently underway.

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The DCI is urging the public to stay vigilant and assist law enforcement in apprehending such criminals by providing information and valuable tips. The agency emphasized, “Should you have any information that might help in taking down this dangerous gang, whose sheer greed for quick riches has no regard for others’ toil and sweat.”

The DCI is determined to bring this gang to justice and safeguard the interests of bank customers who may be vulnerable to such criminal activities.

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