Eldoret Airport to Auction Abandoned Electronics: Smartphones and Laptops

Eldoret Airport to Auction Abandoned Electronics Smartphones and Laptops
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The Customs and Border Control Department has declared that cargo left unclaimed at Eldoret International Airport, which includes smartphones and laptops, will be put up for auction. This announcement was made through the Kenya Gazette Notice released on October 13, 2023.

Traders are given a 30-day window to reclaim their property; otherwise, these items will be auctioned on November 15. The electronics scheduled for auction encompass over 160 pieces of both refurbished and new smartphones, children’s tablets, and soundbars. Additionally, cosmetics and e-cigarettes in various flavors are included among the goods.

The department’s basis for this action is rooted in section 42 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004. This section provides the department with the authority to sell these commodities. It specifies, “Where any goods deposited in a Customs warehouse are not lawfully removed within thirty days after deposit, then the Commissioner shall give notice by publication in the Gazette that unless such goods are removed within thirty days from the date of notice, they shall be deemed to have been abandoned to Customs for sale by public auction and may be sold in such manner as the Commissioner may deem fit.”

It should be noted that the Act permits the sale of perishable goods and animals without prior notification upon deposit at the warehouse.

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The proceeds from this auction may be utilized to offset various expenses incurred by the airport, including rent and freight charges. If the auction does not yield a sum adequate to cover these expenses, the commissioner may choose to dispose of or destroy the goods as deemed suitable.

However, the owners of the goods still have the option to request payment from the auction within one year from the date of sale.

Interested buyers can inspect the items at the Airport Cargo Sheds during office hours on November 13 and 14, two days before the auction.

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