Kenya’s Mombasa Port Not for Sale, President Ruto Asserts

Kenya We Will Not Privatise the Port of Mombasa President Ruto Affirms
President Ruto affirmed that there are no intentions to privatize the Port of Mombasa, emphasizing a commitment to its expansion and increased efficiency through private sector involvement.
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Kenya’s President William Ruto has confirmed that the government will not sell the Port of Mombasa, despite rumors from some opposition leaders.

Speaking at the United Democratic Alliance’s National Delegates Convention in Nairobi, President Ruto dismissed claims of privatization and emphasized the government’s intent to expand the port.

President Ruto believes that the port can benefit not only Kenya but also neighboring countries like Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan, ultimately boosting the nation’s revenue. He stated, “As we promised during the 2022 General Election campaigns, the Port of Mombasa will not be privatized. What we are looking at is expansion so that we serve countries like Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan. We will do this by involving the private sector so that we can increase efficiency.”

These statements come in response to allegations made by Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir that the national government plans to hand over the port to private investors. Governor Nassir urged authorities to focus on privatizing Kenya Airways instead and expressed concerns that the potential privatization of the port could negatively affect the residents and economy of the coastal town, which heavily relies on the port.

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