Suppliers Seek Amendment to Impeach County Officials Over Unpaid Bills

Suppliers Seek Amendment to Impeach Kenya County Officials Over Unpaid Bills
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On Monday, the Association of Public Sector General Suppliers revealed their intentions to introduce a proposal for modifying the law, allowing the impeachment of Governors and other county officials who fail to clear outstanding bills owed to suppliers.

In their official statement, the association outlined their proposal, which aims to remove Governors, County Executive Committee (CEC) members, and Chief Officers (COs) from office if they accumulate pending bills exceeding 20% of their budgets.

The association representatives stated, “We plan to advocate for the removal of any Governor, CO, and CEC who has unpaid bills exceeding 20% of their budget, considering it as an act of economic sabotage.”

This proposal aligns with a bill presented by Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang’wa, which seeks to amend the procedure for removing Governors, their deputies, and other county officials.

The Impeachment Bill, which has been submitted for public review, aims to establish a clear and fair process for the removal of County Governors, Deputies, CEC members, County Secretaries, and County Assembly Speakers.

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Senator Thang’wa’s proposed legislation aims to address the absence of a comprehensive framework for the removal of these categories of county state officers.

This development occurs at a time when suppliers have been expressing growing concerns about unpaid pending bills. A report from the Cabinet dated June 27 revealed that county governments had accrued a substantial sum of Ksh 159.9 billion in pending bills.

In response to this issue, the Cabinet decided to create a special committee responsible for reviewing liabilities related to unpaid bills. This committee will consist of the Attorney General, the State Department of Roads, the State Department of Public Works, the State Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority.

According to Dr. Margaret Nyakang’o, the Controller of Budget, Nairobi County holds the largest amount of unpaid bills, totaling Ksh 100.36 billion.

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