Uganda Airlines Launches New Route to Nigeria

Uganda Airlines Expands Routes with Direct Flights to Nigeria
Uganda Airlines Expands Routes with Direct Flights to Nigeria
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Uganda Airlines has introduced a new international route that connects Nigeria to Uganda. This new route is set to benefit the approximately 10,000 Nigerians living and working in Uganda by offering them the convenience of traveling back to Nigeria for the weekend and returning to Uganda for work on Mondays. The service will operate three times a week, providing a seamless travel experience for this community.

Additionally, Ugandans are encouraged to see this new route as an opportunity to connect with one of Africa’s largest and most prosperous nations. Uganda offers a range of sought-after products, including coffee, plantains, red pepper, beef, poultry, cereals, and dairy products. Furthermore, through value addition initiatives, Uganda produces high-quality manufactured goods that could find eager consumers in West Africa, as highlighted by Minister of Transport and Works, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala during the launch event at Pretoria Hotel on October 4, 2023.

The CEO of Uganda Airlines, Jennifer Bamuturaki, expressed her excitement at the launch event, emphasizing the potential success of the Lagos route, which follows closely after the introduction of the Mumbai, India route. This new route significantly reduces travel time, turning what used to be a ten to twelve-hour journey from Uganda to Nigeria into a four-hour flight. This development allows passengers to plan their time with confidence, eliminating concerns about layovers in distant continents before reaching Lagos.

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