Zimbabwe’s Information Tech Minister Under Fire – Is She Ready for the Job?

Zimbabwe's New ICT Minister Gets Roasted - They Say She's Clueless!

Zimbabwe's Newest Minister of Tech Trouble: Mavetera's Cluelessness Exposed!
PHOTO - News Day Zimbabawe - Zimbabwe's Newest Minister of Tech Trouble: Mavetera's Cluelessness Exposed!
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Zimbabwe’s ICT Minister, Tatenda Mavetera, has become the nation’s punching bag! From accusations of scandalous favors to a cringeworthy interview, Mavetera’s appointment is leaving Zimbabweans shaking their heads in disbelief.

It all started at the State House, where Mavetera was sworn in as the Chikomba West Member of Parliament (MP). But what really caught everyone’s attention was her viral interview. Mavetera, a former actress, was expected to dazzle with her tech-savvy insights. Instead, she left the nation cringing.

Rumors had already swirled that she secured her Cabinet seat through less-than-political means, leading to shocking insinuations. However, Mavetera brushed off the accusations, saying, “Politics is always like that, people always talk, but all we need is to work. We are ready to work.”

But it was her shaky grasp of ICT policy and her vague agenda that really set tongues wagging. When asked about her plans, Mavetera left everyone baffled with her repeated use of the phrase “make sure.” Twitter/X users had a field day, likening her to a circus act!

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Mavetera’s troubles didn’t end there. Opposition legislators even demanded to see her academic credentials, resorting to bizarre posts that insinuated she “slept her way to the top.”

To make matters worse, it seems Mavetera wasn’t above a bit of plagiarism. She shamelessly copied posts from none other than Bill Gates and Matt Mullenweg. It’s as if she thought no one would notice!

Is Mavetera the right fit for Zimbabwe’s ICT Ministry, or is this just another shocking episode in the nation’s political circus? Stay tuned, folks; this one’s bound to get even wilder! 

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