Amudat’s Billion-Dollar Dam Faces Imminent Collapse, Worrying Pastoralists

Cracks and overflow at Kaicom multibillion-dollar dam in Amudat worry pastoralists.

The enginneers from the ministry of water and environment standing on the contral chmaber of Arecek water dam in Napak district (photo by Steven Ariong)
Enginners from ministry of water and environment inspecting Arecek dam in Napak district this similar dam of Kaicom dam which has developed a serious cracks and overflows (Photo by steven Ariong )
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Amudat,Uganda – The current poor state of the only multibillion-dollar dam in Amudat district has created panic among the leaders and the pastoralists in the district.

The dam, located in Kaicom village in Amudat district, was constructed by the Ministry of Water and Environment at a cost of about 7 billion and was supervised by a team of engineers attached to Eastern Water for Production in 2012.

However, the dam has developed serious cracks that are widening daily, and it is also overflowing.

Joseph Ruto, a resident in the area, said that either the engineers didn’t do due diligence while carrying out supervision work.

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He expressed concern that the dam might cause an unexpected outburst and affect the families near it.

“The government needs to check on this because it’s overflowing, and the cracks are widening daily,” he said.

Ms. Betty Chelain, the woman member of parliament for Amudat district, also confirmed that the current state of the dam was a disgrace.

She mentioned that she has informed the team from the Ministry of Agriculture to rectify the dam, but no action has been taken.
“Cracks have emerged around the embankment, and it’s dangerous,” she said.

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