Oyam Farmers Face Heavy Downpour and Theft During Second Harvest

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The current heavy downpour being experienced is affecting maize and simsim harvest in Oyam district, as many farmers have started the second harvest, mainly on maize and simsim crops.

The rain, expected to last for the entire month, is causing floods in the gardens, leading to the rotting of crops.

Isaac Ebong, a farmer from Akusa parish, Abok sub-county, Oyam district, says the maize currently being harvested is not drying normally due to the heavy downpour and the lack of proper sunlight for drying.

Irene Akot from Opuk parish, Minakulu sub-county, Oyam district, notes that with the current heavy downpour, the roads have become terrible with potholes, making movement and transportation of crops harvested from the gardens difficult.

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Omara Daniel from Acaba sub-county, Oyam district, mentions that despite the heavy downpour affecting the drying of crops, thieves are also causing havoc in people’s gardens by stealing crops such as maize, cassava, and simsim, raising fear among farmers. According to him, despite none of the suspects being arrested, five cases were reported in their area, and investigations have started.

In Oyam district, many farmers are expecting to harvest more during this second harvest because during the last post-harvest, most of the crops planted were destroyed by the drought that hit between June and August.

Phillips Ogile Jakayo, LC 3 chairperson, Abok sub-county, Oyam district, encourages farmers to be more vigilant and to protect their properties jealously from thieves during this challenging time.

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