PDM Cash Fuels Livestock Investment in Rural Communities

pdm cash fuels livestock investment in rural communities
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PDM Cash Spurs Livestock Buying in Rural Uganda

President Museveni launched the Parish Development Model (PDM) program in Kibuku District in March 2022. The PDM initiative aims to alleviate poverty in Uganda and has recently led to a surge in rural residents purchasing sheep and goats.

PDM: Changing Lives and Livestock Markets

The PDM program is designed to improve the lives of approximately 39% of Ugandans who live outside the formal economy. It provides up to Shs100 million to each parish in the country annually.

Rising Prices at Otuboi Cattle Market

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At the Otuboi Cattle Market in Kalaki District, the cost of a sheep has doubled in the last three months. Previously priced at Shs100,000, a sheep now commands a higher rate, attracting rural residents who have received PDM cash.

Rural Demand Drives Stock Shortages

Joshua Emetu, a livestock dealer in Anyara-Moru, Kalaki District, notes that the demand for sheep and goats has prompted traders to source livestock from the northern and southern Karamoja markets to meet the rising demand in Teso.

Livestock Prices Soar

As a result of the increased demand, the price of a heifer, once Shs600,000, now stands at Shs800,000.

Preserving and Growing Wealth

Grace Ayado, a resident of Alwa Sub-county in Kaberamaido District, highlights the prudence of investing PDM cash in livestock. She believes that keeping the money in cash may lead to misuse.

Shortages and High Demand

Kapelebyong District has already disbursed Shs7 billion to its parishes, leading to shortages of sheep and goats in animal markets.

Multiplying Investments with PDM Cash

Michael Eladu, a resident of Oditel in Kapelebyong Sub-county, shared that the scarcity of livestock prompted him to invest Shs1 million in three sheep and one goat.

Livestock as a Wealth Source

Jennifer Akajo, who received Shs1 million from Kaberamaido Town Council, invested in four goats and bolstered her silverfish business with the remainder. She sees her goats as a long-term investment, believing they will multiply in the coming year.

Community Support for Livestock Investments

Mr. Vector Rex Ekesu, the area LC5 chairperson, commends this approach, viewing livestock investments as the best utilization of PDM funds.

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