Uganda’s Civil Society Teams Up with Market Actors to Drive Awareness on Organic Food Benefits

ugandas civil society teams up with market actors to drive awareness on organic food benefits
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Civil society activists, in collaboration with vendors and market leaders, have initiated a campaign to promote the consumption of organically grown foods, emphasizing the benefits to health and the environment. The initiative was highlighted during the culmination of a three-day training organized by the Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Association – Uganda, in partnership with the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFOSA).

Over 40 participants from Uganda, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe attended the training at Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe. The event concluded with a visit to Kitooro Market in Entebbe, where participants engaged vendors and the public on the hazards of consuming chemically-laden foods and the adverse effects of using chemicals in agriculture.

Hadija Nalule, representing PELUM (U), emphasized that consuming chemically-laden foods contributes to avoidable diseases, and the initiative aims to shift consumer mindsets towards a greater appreciation for organic and agro-ecological products. The campaign includes educational initiatives to promote the positive aspects of territorial markets and counter negative perceptions. The target audience encompasses farmers, food traders, market vendors, and consumers.

Nalule stated that stakeholders are working on developing a national agro-ecology strategy to guide the organic farming revolution and promote healthy eating in the country. Market leaders from Kampala City markets, including Wandegeya, Nakawa, and Nakasero, joined the initiative and urged the government to raise public awareness and endorse organically grown foods.

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Joseph Mudhasi, a market master from Nakawa market, reflected on the longevity of forefathers who consumed naturally grown foods and called for a dedicated section in markets for organically grown products. Richard Mugisha from Jerofarm suggested the establishment of special sections for organic foods to cater to those who value and seek such products.

Zuena Nantme, a market master at Wandegeya Market, stressed the need for government and local governments to organize more seminars to disseminate valuable information and sensitize communities about the benefits of organic foods.

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