Centenary Bank Unveils WhatsApp Banking Service

centenary bank unveils whatsapp banking service
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Centenary Bank, based in Kampala, Uganda, made an announcement on January 30th about its new service called CenteWhatsApp banking. This service is created to offer customers easy and secure access to various banking services directly through WhatsApp, a widely used messaging platform.

To use CenteWhatsApp banking, customers just need to save the bank’s verified WhatsApp number, 0744 200 555, in their phone contacts. After saving the number, they can start a chat on WhatsApp to begin using the service.

Fabian Kasi, the Managing Director of the bank, stated that the banking landscape is changing quickly, especially with the rise of mobile banking due to advancements in technology and changing customer preferences. He emphasized the bank’s commitment to staying ahead of these changes and embracing innovations.

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