Foreign Aid in Uganda Under Scrutiny: Experts Urge Policy Review

Foreign Aid in Uganda Under Scrutiny: Experts Urge Policy Review
Foreign Aid in Uganda Under Scrutiny: Experts Urge Policy Review
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Experts Call for Review of Uganda’s Foreign Aid Policies

International relations experts have urged the government to reconsider its foreign aid agreements with development partners to better serve the needs of Ugandan citizens.

The experts propose aligning all foreign aid agreements with Uganda’s national development plan and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), rather than focusing on the priorities of development partners.

During a public policy dialogue at the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) in Kampala, Dr. Sylvester Wanzala Werikhe emphasized the importance of assessing the quality and relevance of foreign aid in addressing local priorities and achieving meaningful outcomes.

The experts argue that despite decades of foreign financial aid from developed nations, its impact on reducing poverty and fostering economic growth in Uganda has been limited.

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Prof. Rose Namara pointed out that while Northern Uganda hosts the majority of NGOs, it remains one of the poorest regions in the country, suggesting that some international development agencies may have hidden agendas.

To improve the well-being of Ugandans, the experts recommend that the government realign its foreign aid agreements with the development partners.

Ambassador Richard Angualia proposed using diplomatic channels and cooperation to secure funds for vital sectors like health, education, and infrastructure from multilateral organizations.

He stressed the importance of prioritizing citizens’ welfare over rhetoric capacity building and adopting a foreign policy that safeguards human rights, economic opportunities, and social well-being.

General Duties State Minister Henry Musasizi highlighted the positive impact of development partner aid on Uganda’s economic reforms and the well-being of its citizens.

However, Dr. Sylvester Kugonza cautioned that corruption poses a significant challenge to the effectiveness of international development agencies’ contributions to the country.

Kugonza emphasized the need for transparency in handling foreign aid and encouraged the government to promote donor aid and complementary funding for sustainable development.

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