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Arua Mayor Urges Government Action to Address City’s Challenges

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
PHOTO - Arua City is not Connected to Uganda's National Grid
Ibrahim Jjunju
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Arua City, Uganda – During the celebration of Uganda’s 61st independence anniversary at St Joseph’s College Ombaci playground, Mayor Malon Avutia of Ayivu Division in Arua City urged the government to expedite the provision of stable and reliable electricity to the West Nile region. He emphasized the importance of this infrastructure for the city’s growth and development, particularly in creating job opportunities for young people.

Mayor Avutia pointed out that the lack of consistent power supply had resulted in job losses for many youth, as industries dependent on electricity struggled to operate effectively. Additionally, he acknowledged the government’s efforts to improve road infrastructure but raised concerns about the damage incurred on the newly constructed roads.

Furthermore, Avutia encouraged Arua’s youth to participate in the Parish Development Model (PDM) to enter the formal economy. However, he noted that inadequate road infrastructure hindered the transportation of PDM products to markets. He called on the government to elevate lower-tier health facilities in the city to improve access to healthcare, highlighting Ayivu East’s absence of a health center IV.

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Commending the government for maintaining peace, Mayor Avutia urged parents to cultivate self-sustainability by working hard to produce their own food, as the government cannot provide for every household’s needs.

Geoffrey Feta, MP for Ayivu East, expressed gratitude for the government’s role in promoting ideological growth through political stability. He emphasized that peace had enabled social and economic development, even though some individuals failed to acknowledge these achievements. Feta also attributed the development of infrastructure and the hosting of refugee communities to peace, resulting in benefits from World Bank-funded projects in the West Nile region.

On the education front, Feta criticized the lack of commitment and supervision of teachers in many government schools, leading to poor academic results. He encouraged head teachers to enhance supervision and support to improve outcomes. Feta cautioned against individuals who oppose peace and unity for political growth, characterizing such sentiments as imported ideologies.

Delegates from the Democratic Republic of Congo attending the celebrations praised President Museveni for creating a conducive environment for their development. Wadri Sam Nyakua, Arua City Mayor, highlighted the need for improved monitoring and supervision in schools. He observed that private schools, despite lower teacher salaries, outperformed their government counterparts due to closer supervision.

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