Court of Appeal to Review EALA Election Petition Today

Latif Abubaker Nakibinge High Court Kampala
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The Court of Appeal is scheduled to hear a petition today lodged by four parliamentarians contesting the September 29, 2022, East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) election process. The petitioners—Gilbert Agaba, Josephine Lolem, Salaama Adelaide Nakitende, and Lauben Muhangi Bwengye—assert that the election infringed upon the East African Community (EAC) treaty, the EALA Elections Act, and the Ugandan Constitution.

Petitioners Respondents
Gilbert Agaba Attorney General
Josephine Lolem Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among
Salaama Adelaide Nakitende Clerk to Parliament Adolf Mwesige Kasaija
Lauben Muhangi Bwengye Others: Rose Akol Okullu, Dennis Namara, James Kakooza, Stephen George Odongo, Paul Mwasa Musamali, Veronica Babirye Kadogo, Mary Mugenyi Mutamwebwa, Jacqueline Amongin, Gerald Siranda Blacks


The petitioners’ grievances encompass alleged violations during the election process, including ballot stuffing, biased conduct by the Speaker of Parliament, and lack of transparency in the voting and counting procedures.

Petitioner’s Allegations Supported by
Agaba: Non-transparency, ballot stuffing, biased Speaker Lolem’s affidavit
Lolem: Concurrent elections and campaigns, lack of guidelines
Nakitende: Unpublished electoral outcomes, restricted access
Muhangi: Dominance of one political party, lack of independence


The respondents, represented by George Kallemera, Commissioner of Civil Litigation, argue that the election was open and transparent, with no hindrance to eligible Members of Parliament. They deny allegations of fraud, ballot stuffing, and irregularities, asserting that the election results align with the will of the electorate.

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Defense Arguments
Pre-voting process openness
Ballot papers compliance with legal framework
Speaker’s impartiality
No mandatory security features for ballot papers


The Court of Appeal, comprising Deputy Chief Justice Richard Buteera, Justices Irene Mulyagonja, and Catherine Bamugemereire, will preside over the proceedings.

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