Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo Affirms Judiciary’s Independence Amidst Calls for Collaboration

vice president alupo joins annual judges conference
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Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining the independence of the Judiciary while fostering collaboration with other branches of government.

Owiny-Dollo made this declaration during the conclusion of the 25th Annual Judges Conference held at Serena Hotel in Kampala on Thursday, February 8.

Amidst concerns raised by some lawyers regarding the independence of the Judiciary, Owiny-Dollo emphasized the importance of the Judiciary, Executive, and Legislature working together without compromising their individual autonomy.

Acknowledging the significance of collaboration, Speaker of Parliament Anita Among commended Owiny-Dollo’s leadership and highlighted the shared goal of a people-centered approach to justice.

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Among encouraged judges to align their decisions with societal values and aspirations, emphasizing the importance of public accountability and professionalism in judicial service delivery.

Addressing the need for a people-centric judiciary, Among emphasized the importance of accessibility to justice, transparency in court decisions, and continuous public education on judicial processes.

Recognizing the interdependence of the three branches of government, Among underscored the importance of mutual respect, trust, and cooperation in fulfilling their respective mandates.

Parliament pledged its support for the Judiciary’s transformation agenda, including efforts to enhance access to justice and adopt alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to address case backlog.

Resolutions from the conference included a focus on alternative dispute resolution and the integration of ICT to improve case adjudication processes.

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