State House Halts Eviction of 4,000 Nakawa Residents

Anti Corruption Unit State House Uganda
PHOTO -- Anti Corruption Unit State House Uganda
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The State House Anti-corruption Unit (SHACU) has initiated investigations into a land dispute affecting approximately 4,000 residents across three villages in Nakawa Division, namely Banda B, Kinawataka, and Kiganda in Kira Municipality and Kampala City.

Following a petition from over 3,000 residents and local leaders citing threats of eviction by the Uganda Police Force claiming ownership of the land, SHACU intervened to ascertain ownership before any evictions proceed.

Officials from SHACU visited the area recently, recording statements from affected residents and halting any eviction pending clear establishment of land ownership.

Ms. Mariam Natasha Oduka, SHACU’s spokesperson, emphasized the ongoing need for thorough verification of land ownership claims, stating that no arrests have been made as investigations continue.

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Ms. Oduka noted receipt of a petition from four affected villages and called for calm among residents, indicating that dialogue and amicable settlement are prioritized in addressing the situation.

Residents expressed concerns over police actions, citing fear and uncertainty following previous evictions, with one resident questioning police claims of ownership in the face of documented evidence of long-term residency.

Police had conducted evictions between November and December of the previous year, resulting in the displacement of over 400 individuals, with one fatality during protests against the evictions.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson clarified the operations aimed to remove non-eligible residents and establishments from the land.

Senior Presidential Advisor Ms. Hadijah Namyalo criticized the police’s approach, emphasizing the need to prevent internal displacement and urging compliance with Ugandan laws regarding eviction procedures.

Ms. Namyalo encouraged community unity and petition drafting to engage relevant authorities in resolving the issue peacefully.

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