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Medical Report Declares Molly Katanga Unfit for Police Statement Amid Murder Investigation

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

A medical report from a team of specialists at Mulago Hospital has declared Molly Katanga unfit to physically appear before the police for statement recording in a recent development surrounding the alleged murder of city businessman Henry Katanga.

Led by Dr Joel Kiryabwire, a consultant neurosurgeon at Mulago, the team concluded that Molly Katanga, 54, is experiencing severe dizziness due to multiple scalp lacerations and fractures on both upper limbs. Coupled with her state of hypovolemic shock, the report states that she cannot physically present herself at a police station.

The medical evaluation, conducted on January 3, indicates that Ms. Katanga is alert and coherent but distressed about her situation. While undergoing medical treatment, the report suggests that a statement can be obtained from her while she is still in the hospital.

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Dr Kiryabwire explained that Molly Katanga’s dizziness worsens upon changing positions, requiring her to move gently and allowing a short period for stabilization when transitioning from lying to standing positions. The report highlights her ability to sit unassisted but mentions ongoing treatment for central vertigo by Ear Nose and Throat specialists.

The medical team, constituted by the Director General of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr Henry Mwebesa, included specialists in neurosurgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, plastic surgery, and psychiatry. The evaluation took place at C-Care Hospital Kampala (IHK), where Ms. Katanga has been undergoing treatment since November 2, following a domestic dispute with her late husband.

The report details the physical condition of Ms. Katanga, including sharp vertical pains in her head, injuries to her hand, numbness in her left middle fingers, and pain on stretching them. The neurosurgeon examination noted her good general mental state, orientation for place but limited orientation for time, slow but connected thought flow, and distress about the accusations.

Molly Katanga sustained injuries on the day of her husband’s shooting on November 2 in Mbuya, Kampala. The medical report mentions multiple scalp lacerations and fractures on both upper limbs. Despite undergoing several surgeries during her hospital stay, the report deems her unfit for physical appearance in court.

Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court extended Ms. Katanga’s criminal summons to January 22, acknowledging her continued hospitalization. The charge sheet includes five suspects, with one of her daughters, Martha Kakwanza, facing arrest for consistently ignoring court summons.


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