Alleged ADF Rebel Detained in Jinja City

alleged adf rebel detained in jinja city
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Law enforcement in the Kiira region successfully apprehended Lavara Nyanza, a Congolese national suspected to be associated with the Allied Democratic Force (ADF). Nyanza is currently being held at Jinja Central Police Station, following his arrest on Tuesday, prompted by information provided by vigilant residents.

Security personnel, during the arrest, recovered two bullets and various documents outlining potential targets for planned attacks, including schools, government installations, and other facilities. According to police reports, Nyanza allegedly joined the ADF at the age of five and had served in various capacities before becoming the Chief Cook for front-line combatants over the past two decades.

Nyanza claimed that he, along with two others, was deployed on a spying mission in Uganda by unnamed commanders three years ago. After settling in Kasese district during the COVID-19 pandemic, they later moved to Mbarara City, Mukono district, and eventually to Jinja City, where they were allegedly planning terror activities. Nyanza disclosed that their intended targets included an attack in Jinja City during the festive season, followed by a move to Busia.

An anonymous resident revealed that Nyanza, disguised as a lunatic, was apprehended while taking pictures of various buildings along Iganga Road in Jinja City. In addition to the arrest, he was found in possession of an unspecified amount of money and a mobile phone.

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The Local Council (LCI) Chairperson, Paul Batambuze, pointed out that the area’s congestion, with numerous roadside vendors, bars, and lodges, provided cover for individuals with malicious intent to reside within the community undetected.

On Tuesday, both the police and Nyanza revisited different areas along Iganga Road, where he had reportedly camped for a week, posing as a beggar. Kiira Regional Police Spokesperson James Mubi confirmed Nyanza’s arrest but refrained from providing further details, stating that a comprehensive press release would be issued after thorough investigations by the police and UPDF.

Earlier this week, the police released photographs of three wanted terror suspects, including Lavara Nyanza. The other two individuals, Ismail Mutegule and Abdallah Kala, are also considered armed and dangerous, following simultaneous blasts in Kikubamutwe (Kabalagala) and Nabweru (Nansana Municipality) on Saturday evening. Joint Security Spokesperson Fred Enanga urged the public to provide information leading to their prompt arrest.

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