Rising Concerns Over Foreigner Targeted Robberies in Kampala

rising concerns over foreigner targeted robberies in kampala
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Three individuals, identified as Jonathan Semanda, Joram Mwebesa (also known as Epu or Joram Nasasira), and Ashraf Nsiko, have been remanded to Luzira Prison by the Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate’s Court. The charges against them stem from an alleged aggravated robbery targeting Chinese businessman Hewei. The incident occurred on November 15th, 2023, near Fang Fang Hotel along Sezibwa Road in Kampala Central Division.

The suspects are accused of robbing Hewei of a black bag containing US$190,000 (equivalent to Shillings 721 million). The robbery, said to involve the use of a panga, resulted in grievous harm to Hewei. Grade One Magistrate Sienna Owomugisha presided over the proceedings, cautioning the accused against entering a plea due to the capital nature of the offense.

Senior State Prosecutor Martin Nambafu emphasized the need for remand until December 18th, 2023, to conclude ongoing investigations. Despite their physical appearance suggesting they are minors, the prosecution clarified that all three accused are 18 years old.

This incident follows a broader trend of caution from law enforcement, particularly advising against carrying substantial sums of money without adequate security, especially for foreigners. The police had issued a similar advisory after a previous robbery involving Chinese national Lee Shao, who lost 200 million shillings on Wilson Road. Despite Shao firing at the assailants, they managed to escape.

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This recent event also brings to mind a tragic incident involving the late Japanese national Ito Okira, who lost his life in a robbery in Kampala last September. Okira’s attackers are currently facing charges, including murder, and are remanded at Luzira Maximum Prison.

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