Businessman Arrested in Lira for Shooting Two at Nightclub

Lira Police - Businessman Arrested in Lira for Shooting Two at Nightclub
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Dispute Over Barmaid at Lira Nightclub Ends in Shooting, Arrest Made

A businessman in Lira city is currently under custody at Lira Central Police Station, facing allegations of attempted murder in connection with a shooting incident that took place at a nightclub.

Bosco Erach, known as Ayai Pite Yela, was apprehended in the early hours of Monday for allegedly firing a pistol, causing injuries to Felix Atine, 37, and Kenneth Ogwang, 22. Ogwang sustained a gunshot wound to his left thigh, while Atine was injured on his left arm. Ogwang remains hospitalized at Lira Medical Centre, while Atine was treated and subsequently discharged.

The incident occurred at Feroz Pub on Oyite Ojok Road in Lira City.

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Victims’ Statements

Kenneth Ogwang recounted that he was at Jinja Camp along Juba Road and had just arrived near Feroz Pub when he heard gunshots, realizing he had been shot.

Felix Atine, who was reportedly involved in a dispute with Pite Yela over a woman, declined to provide a statement at the moment, stating, “Wait until Pite Yela is released, and I shall make a statement.”

Accompanied by a group of individuals who claimed to be Pite Yela’s relatives, Atine returned to the hospital. He expressed his reluctance to see Pite Yela imprisoned, a sentiment shared by Ogwang, who was beside him in the hospital.

Both the accused and the victims have given their statements to the police. Ogwang was brought in from the hospital on Wednesday to provide his statement.

Police Statement

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the police region spokesperson, confirmed that the shooting incident is under investigation. He explained that the altercation began while the three were drinking at Feroz Pub and escalated when they moved to the area where they had parked their cars. Erach Alias Pite Yela allegedly drew a pistol and shot the victims, causing their injuries.

Atine promptly reported the attempted murder by shooting at Lira City CPS and sought medical treatment. Ogwang was swiftly taken for treatment as well. After it was discovered that the suspect was connected to the shooting, he was summoned back to the police station, disarmed, and a case of attempted murder was registered.

Preliminary findings indicate that a dispute over a woman working at Feroz Pub was the catalyst for the shooting. The police are continuing to investigate the case and are preparing the file for submission to RCSA for further review and legal guidance.

The police spokesperson cautioned legal firearm holders to be aware of the reasons for their firearm permits, as misuse could result in withdrawal.

There was no mention of whether the firearm recovered from the businessman underwent forensic analysis.

Past Incidents of Firearm Misuse

It’s worth noting that several businessmen in Lira possess firearms, and there have been previous reports of firearm misuse. In one such incident last year, a businessman allegedly fired shots at a student who had visited his school seeking educational opportunities. The student had scientific innovations to show the businessman, but he was arrested upon arrival. The businessman reportedly assaulted the student, fired his pistol, and accused the student of being a terrorist. The student later made a counter-accusation of assault, but the matter was not investigated.

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