Bugweri’s Endless Turmoil: CAO vs HR in Latest Power Struggle

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Bugweri District LG Sign Post
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Bugweri District, carved from the Iganga District in 2018, has been plagued by an incessant cycle of administrative conflicts since its inception. The district’s tumultuous history is marked by a revolving door of Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and accusations of mismanagement, corruption, and nepotism.

The district’s first CAO, Mukose Jonathan, served in an acting capacity until his transfer to Moroto in August 2020. His successor, Nelson Kirenda, was also transferred, this time to Sironko District, after just a few months in office due to alleged misconduct, including appointing unqualified staff and engaging in job selling.

The latest chapter in Bugweri’s saga of administrative turmoil involves the current CAO, Lukwago Antony, and the Human Resource (HR) department. In August 2022, Babirye Eva was appointed as the substantive HR officer, replacing Byekwaso, who was on forced leave. However, CAO Lukwago has reportedly been pushing to replace Babirye Eva with Kagoya Esther, a parish chief with no prior HR experience.

This proposed move has sparked outrage among district staff, who accuse CAO Lukwago of favoritism and nepotism. The simmering tension erupted into open conflict when Babirye Eva was temporarily denied access to the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), preventing her from processing staff salaries.

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Lukwago CAO
Lukwago Antony The District CAO

The district’s LC3 chairperson, Ndhoga Ibrahim, has also weighed in, siding with the staff against the CAO. Ibrahim has accused CAO Lukwago of undermining the HR department and creating a hostile work environment.

The ongoing conflict between the CAO and the HR department has left district staff frustrated and demoralized, with many questioning the district’s ability to effectively govern and deliver services to its citizens.

As Bugweri District struggles to navigate its latest administrative crisis, it remains unclear whether the district will ever find stability and effective leadership. The district’s residents, caught in the crossfire of power struggles and personal agendas, can only hope for a resolution that prioritizes their needs and well-being.

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