Kitgum District Takes Steps to Secure Fencing for 17 Health Facilities

Health Center Breakin
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Kitgum district, located in northern Uganda, has announced its intention to enclose 17 government lower health facilities during the 2023-2024 fiscal year. This initiative, spearheaded by the acting district health officer, Dr. Henry Okello Otto, seeks to provide protection to these facilities, shielding them from unlawful entry and the pilfering of vital medical resources by unauthorized individuals.

The lower health facilities slated for fencing include Lukwor Health Centre II, Pudo Health Centre II, Tumangu Health Centre II, and Pawidi Health Centre II. Kitgum district, with a population exceeding 230,000 residents, boasts a single general hospital and one health centre IV. Additionally, the district is equipped with nine health centre IIIs and 16 health centre IIs, catering to the healthcare needs of its inhabitants.

To further elaborate on the plan to secure these health facilities, the following table presents a concise overview of the facilities and their status:

Health Facility Level
Lukwor Health Centre II Lower Health II
Pudo Health Centre II Lower Health II
Tumangu Health Centre II Lower Health II
Pawidi Health Centre II Lower Health II
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