Lira RCC Cracks Down on Fake Money Racket, 43 Suspects Arrested

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Two suspected champions of fake money arrested in Amuca by RCC and the police in Lira City West Division. Photo (courtesy from RCC)
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The Lira Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Mr. Lawrence Emmy Egole, has confirmed that 43 suspected criminals, mostly conmen, including champions of fake money dealing and fake money manufacturing, have been detained. They are currently in police custody at Lira City West Division police station.

The Lira RCC, along with the police, RCC’s team, and security personnel in Lira City, conducted an operation resulting in the arrest of at least 43 hardcore criminals and conmen, including two fake money manufacturers involved in circulating counterfeit money within Lira City.

During a phone interview with our reporter, Mr. Egole advised the business community to exercise caution during this festive season to avoid falling victim to these hardcore criminals. He expressed concern about some business people in Lira not taking sufficient precautions, especially during the festive season.

An anonymous woman commended Lawrence Emmy Egole for breaking into the racket of fake money dealers. She confirmed receiving fake money, a 20,000-note, from a buyer last week, realizing it was counterfeit after three days.

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Egole issued a warning to those in the produce business, especially those traveling to South Sudan, urging them to be vigilant when receiving cash from buyers and sellers.

The RCC emphasized that anyone involved in fake dollars business should be prepared to face imprisonment if caught. He declared that conducting criminal activities in Lira City would no longer be business as usual.

In the ongoing investigation by his office, Egole mentioned some female suspects still at large who are being used by the suspected fraudsters.

According to DPC Lira City West Division, SP Omony George Methew, in a separate phone interview with the media on Thursday afternoon, two people were found with fake dollars in Amuca. Over 40 other suspects were arrested in Lira City West Division during the Thursday morning operation.

Efforts to reach SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the police PRO North Kyoga Region, were unsuccessful as he is currently on official leave.

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