Ministry of Health Bans Transportation of Dead Bodies in Public Ambulances

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The Ministry of Health has issued a directive prohibiting the use of public ambulances for transporting dead bodies, reiterating that these vehicles are solely intended for emergency medical services.

“Our ambulances are not for transporting dead bodies. Private service providers [funeral homes] can handle that,” asserted Dr. Diana Atwine, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary.

This directive comes in response to instances where public ambulances have been misused for non-emergency purposes, including the transportation of deceased individuals. Dr. Atwine emphasized that these vehicles are equipped with specialized life-saving equipment and should be reserved for patients requiring urgent medical attention.

“We have put in place special ambulances that are equipped with expensive life-saving equipment that should not be misused,” she explained.

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The Ministry’s decision highlights the importance of optimizing the utilization of public ambulances, ensuring that they are readily available for their primary purpose of responding to medical emergencies and saving lives.

During the handover ceremony of 116 type B ambulances to various constituencies across the country, Dr. Atwine reiterated the Ministry’s commitment to strengthening the nation’s emergency medical services. These ambulances, acquired with support from the Japanese government, the World Bank, the Global Fund, and other development partners, will significantly enhance the country’s capacity to respond to medical emergencies promptly and effectively.

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