Machete Wielding Individual Shot by Tororo Police

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FILE PHOTO - Tororo Municipality
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26 year old Godfrey Odoi was shot and killed by the police In Tororo, Eastern Uganda, on December 6, 2023, after allegedly attacking and injuring Officer Francis Musamali. Odoi, a resident of Poti cell in Iyolwa town council, Tororo district, became involved in a confrontation with Officer Musamali on Tuesday.

The incident unfolded when Odoi, armed with a machete, reportedly threatened to harm his 10-year-old brother. Officer Musamali, accompanied by the area LC 1 chairperson, attempted to counsel Odoi, leading to an altercation during which Odoi attacked Musamali with the machete, injuring him on the head.

After the assault, Odoi tried to flee but was detained by local residents. During the apprehension, he allegedly made another attempt to harm Officer Musamali, prompting police intervention. In an effort to disarm him, the officer shot Odoi in the leg.

Mose Mugwe, the spokesperson for Bukide South police, confirmed the incident. Mugwe stated that Odoi succumbed to his injuries due to excessive bleeding while being transported to Tororo Hospital. Odoi’s body is currently at Tororo Hospital mortuary, awaiting a postmortem examination.

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