Museveni Calls for Judicial Adaptation to Combat Sophisticated Crimes

city businessman in court over alleged ugx 9 6 billion money laundering scheme
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President Yoweri Museveni emphasized the need for judicial officers to enhance their skills to effectively handle sophisticated crimes stemming from technological advancements and globalization. He identified crimes such as money laundering, terrorism financing, and wildlife smuggling as emerging challenges.

In his speech delivered by Vice President Jessica Alupo during the opening of the New Law Year in Kampala, President Museveni urges stakeholders, including judicial officers, state attorneys, police, and advocates, to build capacity and stay updated on emerging crime trends.

He stressed the importance of providing accessible and affordable justice to promote peace and stability, encouraging more people to access the legal system without obstacles.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo highlighted achievements and challenges faced by the Judiciary in the previous year, including infrastructure development and addressing case backlogs. Challenges such as limited budgetary provisions and growing caseloads are also acknowledged.

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Mr. Bernard Oundo, president of the Uganda Law Society, emphasized the importance of respecting court orders and holding accountable those responsible for missing and abducted individuals.

The event, attended by Justice Minister Norbert Mao and Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka, also addresses the delay in the grand opening of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal twin buildings, with apologies extended for the postponement due to the President’s unavailability.

President Museveni’s office assures the event will be conducted soon, although the new date remains undisclosed.

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