Two Police Officers Dismissed for Attempted Murder

Fred Enanga addressing the media - Dismissals in Police Ranks: Attempted Murder Charges
Dismissals in Police Ranks: Attempted Murder Charges
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In recent developments, the police court has taken the decision to dismiss two police officers in separate incidents related to attempted murder.

Detective Constable Moses Wabwire, stationed at Kaliro police station, faced expulsion from the force due to his alleged involvement in a near-fatal attack on his colleague, Constable Tyson Kutosi. The dispute reportedly stemmed from a disagreement over access to the station’s lone motorcycle. In a concerning turn of events, Wabwire also discharged his firearm indiscriminately within the station premises. Fortunately, no other officers were injured during this incident. Authorities believe this was a clear manifestation of intent to cause harm.

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Similarly, another police officer, Constable Ambrose Katumwene, assigned to Kashozi police station in Sheema district, has been accused of firing three shots into the residence of a barmaid known as Caroline Nakyanzi. According to investigations conducted by the police professional standards unit, Katumwene approached Nakyanzi’s residence and demanded entry. When she refused, he resorted to discharging his weapon, leaving three bullets embedded in the door. Authorities have characterized this incident as having a clear motive involving potential harm to Nakyanzi.

Both Wabwire and Katumwene were apprehended by teams deployed by their respective district police commanders. The police professional standards unit (PSU) subsequently decided to bring them to trial within the force’s court. Police spokesperson Fred Enanga clarified that their dismissal from the police force enables them to face a full trial for attempted murder as civilians. He issued a warning to all police officers, urging them not to resort to the use of firearms to resolve disputes with their colleagues or members of the public.

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This decision follows the recent dismissal of AIP David Ekwang from the police force. Ekwang was subsequently prosecuted in a criminal court for the fatal shooting of his wife, Corporal Jennifer Atino. The couple was both deployed at the Counter-Terrorism Directorate and resided at Jinja Road police station. The underlying issues in their case were related to accusations of child neglect.

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