Kyabazinga Wedding Fundraiser Hits UGX 304 Million on Launch Day

Kyabazinga wedding launch raises UGX 300 Million
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The wedding launch for Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV and Ms. Jovia Mutesi has managed to amass a staggering sum of 304 million shillings, as reported by the organizing committee responsible for orchestrating the royal nuptials.

The organizing committee comprises 23 individuals, including prominent figures such as Ms. Dorothy Kisaka, the executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority; Minister for the Presidency, Ms. Milly Babalanda; Mr. Aggrey Kibenge, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Gender; Mr. George Bwanga from the Ministry of Works; Ms. Kasule Lumumba, the Minister for General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister; Dr. Muhammed Lubega, the chairperson of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council; and Hajj Swaibu Kitezala, the director of Jinja Progressive Academy (Jipra).

Kyabazinga Gabula is slated to wed Ms. Mutesi on November 18 at Bugembe Christ’s Cathedral in Jinja North City Division, followed by a reception at the kingdom headquarters, also located in Bugembe.

Mr. Patrick Batumbya, the chairperson of the organizing committee, proudly declared, “To kickstart the fundraising drive, members have raised UGX 304 million in cash,” during an event held at the kingdom headquarters last Friday. He also noted that Bugabula and Bunha chiefdoms, the respective ancestral domains of Kyabazinga and Inhebantu, are expected to make the most substantial contributions to the wedding fund.

Mr. Joseph Muvawala, the kingdom’s prime minister, acknowledged, “Bugembe Cathedral can only accommodate 400 people, while the reception venue cannot exceed 2,000 people. Therefore, mini venues in the district have been made as interventions.”

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