Pastor Ssempa Announces Prayer Sessions for Musicians Battling Drug Addiction

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  1. Pastor Ssempa Takes Aim at Musicians’ Addiction Issues

In a recent announcement, Pastor Martin Ssempa unveiled plans to organize prayer sessions aimed at assisting musicians who are struggling with drug addiction. He cited concerns about the negative influences stemming from certain secular artists and their impact on younger generations.

During an interview at the Kampala Serena Hotel on October 26, 2023, Pastor Ssempa expressed frustration over public conflicts and provocative attire often displayed by these artists. While recognizing their talents, he insisted on the need for a spiritual transformation in their behavior.

Ssempa highlighted that many musicians commence their careers on a positive note but eventually lose their artistic essence as they shift their focus exclusively towards themes related to marijuana and harmful substances.

Additionally, Ssempa revealed plans to establish a rehabilitation facility that would offer practical solutions to address the challenges faced by artists battling drug addiction. He stressed the importance of collaborating with record labels and artiste managers to effectively tackle these issues.

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Furthermore, Ssempa hinted at potential partnerships with event organizers and promoters, including figures such as Balaam Barugahara, Abtex, Bajjo, and others, to ensure the success of his initiative.

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